The group can spend an enjoyable day on the beach, enjoying a large variety of pre-arranged water sports. This is always a day of real fun, and has become very popular with our groups.

Our water sports include riding a jet ski, water scooter, the banana as well as parakiting, water-skiing, windsurfing and sailing the laser and lots of other fun activities. Usually these activities start early in the morning, thus enabling us to take advantage of the calm sea, ideal for water-skiing, especially for beginners. Strict safety measures are always applied, i.e. no member of the party may participate unless a life-jacket is worn.
Usually the water sports programme takes about 3 hours (08.00 - 11.00 hrs) by which time all participants have attended and enjoyed all disciplines they wish to try. This concludes the water sports event, unless lunch is desired.

* This offer can vary depending always on the offer given by the owner of the watersports facilities of the hotel where the event takes place.

* Weather permitting

Version (b)

As above, however with lunch which is to be taken very near the water sports facilities of the hotel in question, in a form of a BBQ and salad buffet. Of course, the whole thing is very rustic, and has the advantage that one may participate of lunch in their bathing costume and T-shirts.


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