This takes place in a medieval castle ca. 15 min. driving time out of Limassol, exclusively rented for this event. The guests will be received by members of our staff (in appropriate dress in the style of the time, i.e. the waiters and the waitresses as soldiers and maids-of-honour respectively, and the cooks as Franciscan monks) with rosewater, holy incense and rose-petals.

The whole event takes place in the open, in flaming torch-light. The food served is prepared according to original medieval recipes of Cyprus, whereas it will be eaten from clay plates, and the guests will be issued only with knives. The most jovial male and female, (ideally to be indicated by your office in advance) will be crowned, and dressed appropriately, as "King" and "Queen".

At an extra cost, one could further elaborate with:

(a) Live medieval music in the background
(b) Slaves supposedly captured during the last crusade, who will perform oriental dances.
(c) The dressing of all of the participating guests in period costume.

Throughout the whole ceremony, a master of ceremonies will recite in Shakespearean English the history of the castle, and will guide the guests through each of the various courses and entertainments, and ensure that all goes smoothly for all participants.

 Only possible during Summer months
 Only available for groups of 80 pax plus.
 Photos of a previous "medieval feast" available upon request.

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