Panayiri is the Greek word for a village feast. It is an event in which the whole village participates and enjoys thoroughly. Usually the name-days of Saints and other religious occasions were a welcomed excuse for setting up a "Panayiri".

Quite some time ago, when the roads and communications in rural Cyprus were not as good as they are today, the "Panayiri" was the only entertaintment available to the villagers, who, being farmers and hence having worked the soil for months, always gladly welcomed these feasts, which, apart from entertaintment, also gave the young people the opportunity to see and exchange glances with members of the opposite sex. This event will open to your guests a window to the lesser known rural Cyprus, as it lives and feasts.

The group will be driven to one of the very picturesque and traditional mountain villages about 30 minutes drive from the town of Limassol. On arrival the group is greeted by the mayor of the village who will give a brief welcome speech. A glass of "Zivania" will be given to each participant, putting everyone in the right spirit to attend the panayiri. The mayor and the group leader will exchange small gifts.
The guests will then enjoy a superb meal with home-made Cypriot food. To wash down the food there will be plenty of local wine, beer and soft drinks.

Every good meal is without value if one does not not finish it with something sweet for the soul. "Bourekia" (thin pastry filled with unsalted anari curd cheese and dipped in syrup or honey) will be served, being a speciality of the house.

In the meantime, young and old will be invited to join in and participate ! Needless to say that this enhances the atmosphere of the whole event.

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